FreshPlaza Article Featuring C&M (Checchi & Magli) Transplanters featured Checchi & Magli (C&M) and their advanced fresh produce transplanters in their recent article.

Italian transplanters popular all over the world

It exports 80% of its production all over the world, including the US. We’re talking about Checchi&Magli, which designs and manufactures transplanters for vegetables, nursery plants and tobacco as well as machines for the cultivation and harvesting of potatoes.

“We have 42 years of experience in the sector. Our machinery aims at reducing labour and increasing productivity,” explains sales manager Claudio Zarri.”

Checchi&Magli’s Italian technology is appreciated and renowned for its reliability. “We try to build simple machines, which doesn’t mean they are banal, but rather that they last for the longest time possible. This has always been our philosophy and our products are considered reliable all over the world. We don’t want to sell ‘spare parts’, we want to sell more and more machines and reach new markets.”

Checchi & Magli transplanter showroom
Export Manager for Checchi & Magli (C&M) Transplanters in their showroom