Set-Up & Operating Guides

Here are the updated 2020 season Set-up and Operating Guides for our most popular models, especially in the hemp market. PLEASE read these before you take your machine into the field. It will help you understand you machine, make the proper adjustments and settings so it will perform optimally in the field. 

Click on the image to open PDF guide.
Then you can download and save to your computer or phone.

We also have training VIDEOS available to go along with these guides. Grant Allen explains the features and how to set up your machine properly. A great companion to these set-up guides. Please use the “Contact Us Form” and in the comments let us know which dealer you purchased your machine from and we will give you a link to these helpful videos- OR you can get the link directly from your dealer.

Our TRIUM model is the most efficient transplanter on the market– for planting directly into the ground.


Our WolfPRO model is specifically engineered for planting through plastic however it can plant directly into the ground as well. (The Trium is the most efficient at planting directly into ground.)

Our PS Star Plastic Mulch layer is perfect for shaping the beds AND laying a tight, well secured mulch layer in preparation to transplant with your WolfPRO transplanter.