Trium Model Shoe Sizes and Plug Tray Sizes

IMPORTANT notice to all C&M dealers – for your Trium (Hemp) machines/owners –

As we have now been to many farms setting up Trium machines, we have found that the 50 and 72 count trays are all over the map as to the actual size of plug – for this reason we posted 2-3 months ago the actual shoe dimensions (bottom of the shoe/plug).
We are finding many plugs/trays are smaller and so a 50 or 72 count plug will be smaller.    In fact, we saw some 50 count trays that have plug sizes at the bottom of the plug of 1 1/3” – which is perfect for our # 4 shoes.  We have now seen several 72 count trays with 1” base plug width which is a perfect fit for our # 3 shoe.    We heard this same thing last year – so many growers said “we need the # 5 shoes” only to find out their trays/plugs were smaller and they only needed a #4 shoe.

So we wanted to ask you to double check the size of your plugs before you insist on a number 4 or 5 shoe.  Number 2 and 3 shoes come standard with our Triums!  In many cases a number 3 shoe will be the right fit!!  We have many dealers asking for more and more #4 and #5 shoes and so we plead with you before you order any more shoes to be sure that what you really need isn’t a #3 shoe.   

The pictures below show a bad and good fit.  With an ideal fit – either the plug falls to the very bottom with a tight fit OR even close to the very bottom – that still is a great match!  The main thing is we do not want a loose plug – free to land on an angle in the shoe.  AGAIN, we DO NOT want a loose plug in the shoe.  It has a slimmer chance of getting kicked out properly.  You will see a difference in the Trium performance when the plug drops down into the shoe and grabs the side to be immediately kicked out.   We have now experienced this on several farms and so wanted to make you aware. Let us know if you have any questions – here below are the shoe part numbers and details for the complete kits.
Thank you for choosing C&M!!

This example above is with plugs from a 128 count tray.