12 Row/24 Person Foxdrive Transplanter–Now That’s a Transplanter!!

12 row/24 person Foxdrive planting sweet potatoes
12 row/24 person FOXDRIVE on Edmondson Farms in Vardaman, MS. They purchased 6 of these 12 row machines and love them! They are now our dealer in that area.

This FoxDrive Model 12 row/24 man was developed for a large sweet potato grower in Mississippi.  They had previously purchased 4 of our 8-row FoxDrives and loved them!  We worked with them on developing a large enough machine that would help them get their crop planted in record amount of time and to their specifications.  Imagine, this machine can plant up to 4,400 plants/row/hour!! With 6 of these 12 row machines that is 316,800 plants planted EACH HOUR!!! VERY IMPRESSIVE!


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12 row Foxdrive, folded
The 12 row Foxdrive folded up with hydraulic fold for easy transporting.

(Hydraulic fold for easy transport)

The customer loves the quality and sturdiness of our machines that give consistency to the plant depth and spacing as well as packing it into the ground. Time and time again the C&M transplanters a healthier crop and greater yield.  This farmer is so confident in our C&M transplanters he is now also our dealer in Vardaman, MS.

Edmondson 3 Machines 3101cropped

Watch this video of the 12 row/24 man FoxDrive in action. Look in the background and you will see 2 more of these transplanters at work getting the job done!