The FoxDrive- Testimonials and Videos–Many advantages over the competition! (Bare root OR Plug)

The FoxDrive is our finger-type or pocket-type transplanter which will plant greenhouse plug starts as well as bare root starts.  Some popular crops planted with the FoxDrive are:
tobacco, sweet potatoes, strawberries
tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli

FoxDrive guarantees uniform transplanting depth, perfectly upright positioning constant distance between rows and between plants on the row and optimum ridging.
Indicative production: 2000-2500 plants per hour each row

Planasa prefers the C&M FoxDrive

FoxDrive transplanter planting strawberries (bare root)
You wouldn’t want to go anywhere else–they are really good machines!”

Bob Holly, from SOLEX Corporation in Dixon, CA talks with Roger Hamamura from Planasa, a large grower of strawberries in California about why they prefer the C&M transplanters. He says after usage, “You wouldn’t want to go anywhere else–they are really good machines!”. They own 3, 6-row Foxdrive models, and the main office in Spain owns 5. The video footage of the FoxDrive model working is shot at the Planasa farm around Macdoel, CA.

FoxDrive owner & sweet potato farmer
– Joel Boseman


The C&M finger type transplanter, the Foxdrive model, is perfect for transplanting sweet potatoes. This is  video of the 6 row Foxdrive the first day on Joel Boseman’s farm in North Carolina. He already owns many rows of the carousel transplanter from C&M, the Trium, and was so impressed with them that he purchased this 6 row finger-type Foxdrive for sweet potatoes. He feels that with the 15 pockets and the longer chain, it gives the operators a split second more to get the starts into the grippers to have fewer misses, and be more efficient. He thinks they will be able to be 20% more efficient.
NOTE: We have modified a couple items on this first Foxdrive for sweet potatoes in this market. The bins are deeper and the seats are now higher than shown in this video. C&M prides itself with responding quickly to the market and famers feedback to modify our machines to make them better.

FoxDrive owner- Zack Bissette

FoxDrive transplanter planting sweet potatoes (bare root)
The Accuracy is PERFECT! –Zack Bissette from Rocky Mount, North Carolina purchased his first 8-row, FoxDrive model transplanter from C&M (Checchi & Magli) for his planting in the spring of 2015.  He plants 400 acres tobacco and 500 acres sweet potatoes.

It only takes 1.5 to 2 hours to completely change over and adjust the transplanter from planting tobacco to planting sweet potatoes. The Foxdrive is a “finger-type” transplanter that plants bare root as well as plug starts. He finds many advantages over the competition: easy change over from different crops, the heavy 80 chain makes planting more uniform and the accuracy is PERFECT! He can change the plant spacing in 3-4 minutes. In planting sweet potatoes this year with the C&M as compared to last year with the competition, he can plant 5 more acres per day because his he can run the tractor faster. And Time is MONEY!

 Here are the top 10 reasons farmers prefer the C&M over the competition.

Foxdrive Flyer-w10Advantages <==Here is the full color flyer with photos.

1 -Deeper planting. Better Stand. Tighter packing.
2- Cast Iron shoe/sword–lasts longer!
3- Adjustable plant depth control
4-The weight of the operator rides on the tool bar and does not affect the planting depth
5- Consistent plant to plant spacing (no skipping/slippage)–
our packing wheels pack and our drive wheels drive
6 – 15 finger grippers for greater speed (optional 10 or 20).
Increases efficiency. Decreases misses.
7- Grippers/packing wheels set plant straight up in the ground
8 – Heavy duty 80 roller chain and taller chain – allows greater speed.
9 – Each row has a parallelogram for constant planting depth
10- Efficient! Up to 4,400 plants per hour per row!