Carousel Transplanters

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Carousel transplanters for plug starts–

Key Advantages:
• Universal drive wheels propel all row units
• Maximizes productivity — 10 cup carousel
• Sets and packs plant straight up
• One person/row – 4,500- 5,500 plants/hour/row
• Parallelogram for constant planting depth
• 20”-35” adjustable row to row spacings
• Plant-to-plant spacings 6”-20” (standard), 4”-32” (optional)
• Fully adjustable for your farming conditions
Popular Options:
• Adjustable water application (trip)
• Fertlizer (granular) & herbicide application
• 12 cup carousel
• Skids
• 6-sided tray holder & Extra storage racks

Ideal for transplanting:
tomato • lettuce • broccoli • cauliflower • cabbage • celery • melons • tobacco

Available in Pull-type or 3 point hitch
Available with “No-Till” options

More details on these models coming soon!
• UniTrium
• Baby Trium
• Baby Compact
• Dual 12 Gold
• Dual 12 Compact
You may find more information to these models by viewing this pdf brochure about our Carousel Transplanters. (Please click on the image of the brochure to view and/or download) 









2 row planting turnips on beautifully prepared soil in Prince Edward Island Canada.