Video Gallery

This is a great place to see our C&M (Checchi & Magli) transplanters in action– besides asking your farmer friend down the street if you can watch his working in the field. We sell tons of transplanters this way!

When farmers see our transplanter at work– how well it puts the plants in straight up, the adjustability to every feature and ground condition, the heavy-duty quality of our machines, THEY WANT ONE!

We have lots of return customers who start off with one 4-row, and then next season they want 2, 8-row units! See for yourself.


C&M EIMA Video–Nov 2018

This video compilation of C&M (Checchi & Magli) transplanters and machines was prepared and shown at the EIMA International Farm Equipment Expo in Bologna, Italy in November of 2018. Watch all of our machines in action!! 

C&M Baby Compact Transplanter in Florida planting cabbage. This transplanter has a compact design for tighter row spacing and super efficient! No on sells more transplanters in the USA.

Foxdrive transplanter 4 row, 8 operator “finger/pocket-type” transplanter is very efficient in transplanting sweet potatoes.

Three, 12 row Foxdrive transplanters planting sweet potatoes on Edmondson Farms in Mississippi. Each plant is packed into the ground and standing straight up. The crop grows healthier and faster when transplanted with the C&M.

C&M (Checchi & Magli) Foxdrive “finger/pocket-type” transplanter
12 rows, 24 operator, “finger/pocket-type”, for the sweet potato market. After the set-up for the frame of the awning/sun cover you can see the impressive hydraulic-fold bar operate for easy road transport.

Unitrium Transplanter pulled by horses and used by Amish in Pennsylvania

Dual 12 Gold Transplanter model – 6 unit planting 12 rows onions- Ontario CA.

Dual 12 Gold transplanter working on A-Bar Farms in Firebaugh, California. Owned by the two Barcelos brothers, this farm is 8,000 acres — of which 2,200 are tomatoes and the rest are onions, asparagus, alfalfa, and pomegranate. They own 3 Dual 12 Gold machines– each has 3 units (6 rows) per machine (total 18 rows). This unit saves time and money by planting 2 rows per operator. The 12 cup carousel can use cup extenders for taller plants. Watch how consistently the unit plants the plants straight up. Fully adjustable for row width, plant to plant spacing and more.

C&M (Checchi & Magli) WOLF model transplanter–
testing to plant strawberries in plastic in Florida