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Note: Due to Covid, many of the trade shows we normally participate in have been cancelled for this year, and even a few in the beginning of 2021.

C&M is still going strong, producing and shipping machines to our dealers for farmers all across North America. If you have a question about what machine is right for you fill out our contact form or contact us using the information in our header. Grant, the C&M North American Rep is happy to answer any questions you might have.


We have dealers all over North America that participate in regional shows and market our machines in their area.

February is Ag Trade show heaven with the 2 largest Ag Equipment trade shows in the United States the same week, the middle of February each year:

The World Ag Show in Tulare, California
This show runs the middle of February and is one of the largest Ag Shows in the country. Here we always have many models on display in booth #M11 with our distributor for California, SOLEX, who we have worked with for over eighteen years.  This area in California is one of the largest fruit and vegetable producers in the country. Our transplanters perfect for tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, watermelon, strawberries, etc.

The National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky
This show also runs the middle of February (one of the other largest Ag Trade shows in America) in the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville. Our booth is in the same location we have been for the past 7 years, South Wing C, Booth #8144. This has largely a market for tobacco although recently large for hemp, and vegetables in the surrounding areas. We usually have the Trium pull-type, a WolfPRO, and a Foxdrive on display.  Come talk to our dealers who know this market and our machines  and have been our dealers here for the past 10 years! – Workman Seed Co., and Ag Tech.

One of these regional shows is:
The Southern Farm Show in Raleigh, NC
This show usually runs the last weekend in January. We are in the “Benchmark B&I” booth– our distributor for the Carolinas. They have an indoor as well as outdoor booth with several C&M (Checchi & Magli) transplanters. Come see our machines– feel the quality–watch the videos– talk to the experts!


Expo Agro Alimentaria–Irapuato Mexico
In Mexico, our distributor, Terramak, participates in the Expo Agro Alimentaria in Irapuato Mexico. They have a large outdoor booth, as well as an inside booth in the vegetable section.

We, or our dealers  participate in many more shows around North America, such as:

SE Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference
Tobacco Expo/at Ag Industry Trade Show
Hemp Summit Boulder
Wisconsin Fruit & Vegetable conference
Sweet Potato Council
NA Strawberry Growers Association
NA Watermelon Growers Association
Mid-Atlantic Fruit & Veg Convention
NW Ag Show
Pacific Ag Expo
Southern Farm Show
World Ag Expo
National Farm Machinery Show
Agro Expo
Ontario Fruit and Veg Conference
Ag Expo
MOSES conference
New York Farm Show
Mid-South Farm & Gin Show
London Farm Show
Atlantic Farm Mechanization Show
Oregon Hemp Convention
Empire Farm Days
Sunbelt Ag Expo
The Big E
Campeche World Chile/Irrigation
Expo Agro
Agri-Trade Expo
New England GROWS
Great Lakes Expo
New England Fruit & Veg Conf
AND many Hemp Conferences/Expos around the country

Please look us up and come visit our booths to actually see our machines and talk with our dealers.

C&M (Checchi & Magli) at NoCo 2018