The TRIUM – The most efficient carousel plug transplanter on the market! Testimonials & Videos

Trium – 10 cup carousel
The Most Efficient and #1 carousel planter sold in the USA

• 4,500-5,500 plants per hour
• adjustable front arm and rear kick to set plant straight up!
• adjustable planting depth
• adjustable timing of plant drop
• adjustable packing wheels
• adjustable consistent in-line spacings (cogs on drive-wheels)
• adjustable press wheels
• parallelogram for constant planting depth
• adjustable quantity & positioning of water trip (optional)
• extension cups for taller plants
• reduction cups for smaller plants (optional)
• plant drops through large throat
• optional skids (adjustable)
• 20″-48″ adjustable row to row spacings
• 4”-30″ plant to plant spacings

Bobby Tune- C&M Trium model setter for tobacco

Bobby Tune, a tobacco farmer in west Kentucky talks about his 4-row setter, Trium model by C&M (Checchi & Magli).  He farms 115 acres of dark fired tobacco. He is impressed with the consistency of the plant to plant spacing and they get a better than 99% stand. He has had his setter for 2 years has had no issues with it and has been very happy with it. (At the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky.)

C&M Trium owner-Henry Manion

Henry and his brother farm 1500 acres of burley tobacco in Lafayette, Tennesee. They together have 5, 4 row C&M Trium tobacco setters and have found they do a better job and they are very happy with it. (At the 2013 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky.)