2017 Trade Shows–Come See C&M!

FEBRUARY 2017–The 2 largest Ag shows in the U.S. are coming soon–   The World Ag Show in Tulare, California This show runs February 14, 15, & 16. Here we will have many models on display in booth #M11 with our distributor for California, SOLEX, who we have worked with for over sixteen years.  This area in California is one of the largest fruit and vegetable producers in the country. Our transplanters perfect for tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, watermelon, strawberries, etc. The National Farm Machinery…

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The FoxDrive- The prefered "finger-type" transplanter for bare root OR plug

The FoxDrive- Testimonials and Videos–Many advantages over the competition! (Bare root OR Plug)

The FoxDrive is our finger-type or pocket-type transplanter which will plant greenhouse plug starts as well as bare root starts.  Some popular crops planted with the FoxDrive are: tobacco, sweet potatoes, strawberries tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli FoxDrive guarantees uniform transplanting depth, perfectly upright positioning constant distance between rows and between plants on the row and optimum ridging. Indicative production: 2000-2500 plants per hour each row Planasa prefers the C&M FoxDrive FoxDrive transplanter planting strawberries (bare root) “You wouldn’t want to go anywhere else–they are really…

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The TRIUM- The most effecient transplanter on the market!

The TRIUM – The most efficient carousel plug transplanter on the market! Testimonials & Videos

Trium – 10 cup carousel The Most Efficient and Number ONE carousel planter sold in the USA 4,500-5,500 plants per hour adjustable front arm and rear kick to set plant straight up! adjustable planting depth adjustable timing of plant drop adjustable packing wheels adjustable consistent in-line spacings (cogs on drive-wheels) adjustable press wheels parallelogram for constant planting depth adjustable quantity & positioning of water trip (optional) extension cups for taller plants reduction cups for smaller plants (optional) plant drops through large throat optional skids (adjustable)…

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